I'm in My 30s

It's high time to start thinking about your financial future—​now, before you miss the opportunity to watch the magic of compound interest potentially multiply your savings over the following decades.

Get In It to Win It: Financial Planning in Your 30s

  • Health and Lifestyle - Examine your family tree for hints about your family's general health patterns and longevity. Then take the necessary medical and financial precautions.
  • Planning Your Retirement - Think about your interests and how many of them are likely to be lifelong. Flag football? Not likely. Golf? Maybe. Which are expensive? Project your retirement needs accordingly.
  • Saving for Your Retirement - In your 30s, starting in on your company's 401(k), a traditional or Roth IRA, or a pensions plan is moving from the "smart" to "essential" list. If your company doesn't offer one, or if you're self-employed, be sure to open an IRA or other retirement account and contribute to it regularly.
  • Estate Planning - Estate planning is not just for older folks, is not just for the wealthy, and involves more than simply giving away your stuff when you die. In fact, some of the most important components of estate planning come into play while you're still alive.

    These include:

    • a will
    • a durable power of attorney, which gives a trusted person the power to make financial decisions on your behalf if you become unable to do so yourself
    • a living will, which describes your wishes regarding lifesaving treatments in the case of serious illness or injury

    We strongly recommend consulting with an attorney in developing these legal documents.

    In all areas involving beneficiaries (e.g., retirement accounts, insurance policies, etc.) review and verify your beneficiaries annually.

    Buy the appropriate insurance to protect your current and future wealth.


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